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Highest Quality Fences

Make Your Property Safe And Aesthetic With True Fence's



At True Fence, we understand the importance of protecting your property and keeping your loved ones safe. That's why we are dedicated to providing the most reliable and durable fencing solutions for your home or business.


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What do we do?

Our fence contractor company is dedicated to finding high quality materials and professional fence installers. For any of our services, schedule a visit totally  FREE by clicking on the button below.

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Professional Installation

Our highly trained team handles fence installation with precision and efficiency. From planning to completion, we make sure your fence meets your needs and expectations.



Variety of Options

We offer a wide range of fence options, including wood fencing, vinyl fencing, metal fencing and more. Whatever your style or requirements, we have the perfect fence for you.

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Maintenance and Repair

In addition to installation, we also take care of fence maintenance and repair. Keep your fence in top condition with our regular maintenance services and quick solutions to any problems that may arise.


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Our Materials


Vinyl/PVC fencing is the go-to choice for privacy, boasting durability and easy maintenance. With timeless white and tan options that never yellow or fade, it requires minimal upkeep – just an occasional pressure wash to keep it looking pristine. Offering a range of styles including privacy, semi-privacy, picket, and more, it enhances curb appeal while ensuring essential privacy.

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For affordable landscape detail and security, opt for chain link fences. We offer a wide range of products and installation services at unbeatable prices. Our focus is on meeting your needs and enhancing your property's value and security. Explore our accessories and installation options for residential and commercial properties in different heights and colors.


Aluminum fencing is a great choice for homeowners who want a durable, attractive fence around their home. Although this low-maintenance fence requires little upkeep, it’s important to understand what you can do to get the longest life out of your fence. Unlike wood fences, your aluminum fence won’t be impacted by harsh weather or insect damage.



Our wooden fences, crafted from Cypress or Pressure Treated Pine, cater to Florida's climate needs. While both types offer durability, Cypress stands out for its natural resistance to warping and insects, while Pressure Treated Pine provides affordability and protection against decay. Regular maintenance with staining or painting helps extend the fence's lifespan. Regardless of wood choice, various fence styles are available to meet your needs.


Metal fencing provides a blend of security and aesthetics at cost-effective rates, catering to both residential and commercial needs. Precision-made steel components ensure top-notch quality, with customization options available to suit any application. Available in different heights and colors, such as white or brown, these fences mimic the vertical style of wood fencing, offering versatility and durability.

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